Mission-based First Person Shooter Game with 007 Style Graphics

X Operations Game Review

X operations is an amazing first person shooter with 007 style graphics created by two Japanese game developers. The game consists of numerous missions that include killing terrorists and evildoers on your own or as part of an elite squad.

This is a great way to practice PEMDAS! Students must solve order of operations problems by clicking on each number and then its operator.


Xops is an online multiplayer game that allows players to slip into the role of international agents. They travel around Europe’s cities on the hunt for criminals and complete skill-based missions to improve their abilities and equipment.

The first person shooter Xops was developed in 2003 by team MITEI. It features 48 levels that are uniquely designed to put your skills to the test. In this game you must take out terrorists and evildoers using a wide array of weapons.

This is a great game for kids to practice their order of operations skills. For example, if students are given the problem 5 + 3 x 2 (6 – 4), they must click on the number first, then the operator and then the second number.

A spinoff of the original Operation game, this game is a little different in that it lacks the dexterity component of the original and is more of a speed memory game. It also features a variety of player created maps that can be downloaded from various sites that host the game.


The graphics used in x operations are not very high quality but still good enough for the game to be fun. The game is played from the first person perspective and the player takes on a variety of missions in which they fight terrorists and other evildoers. The player is given a wide range of weapons and equipment which they can use to complete the mission. The game was developed by a team called TEAM MITEI which consisted of two Japanese game developers. The game was released in 2003 and is available for free download. It also has a multiplayer version which allows players to play against each other online. This game is a must for any fan of FPS games. The gameplay is fun and exciting and the graphics are reminiscent of a 007 movie.


Xops is a First Person Shooter (FPS) with Incredible Gameplay and 007 style Graphics. It was developed by two Japanese game developers. Unlike most FPS games where players use look controls to turn, this game requires full use of inputs on the controller including presses and holds for a duration e.g X/Square = Reload (Press), Interact (Hold for Duration) e.g Plant Bomb Diffuser, Barricade Door etc.

This innovative game is a great way to practice Order of Operations skills. The program allows users to click on each number and the operator in an equation and once the correct order is selected, a second step will appear with the shortened problem for students to solve. For example, in 5 + 3 x 2 – 2, the user would click on the 3, then the x and then the 2. This is an excellent game for reinforcing these important math skills. The game also has a Multiplayer option for students to play against other students.


X Operations is an impressive freeware game that provides the player with a large number of missions. Some of the missions require coordination and teamwork while others simply call for you to eliminate a single terrorist from a school, tunnel, station or any other building. The game also features 48 different levels that are uniquely designed to put your skills to the test.

The game was developed in 2003 by two Japanese Game Developers. The game is a first person shooter that includes 007 style graphics and incredible gameplay. The game is free to play and offers a wide range of weapons from pistols to assault rifles. However, the player can only carry two weapons at a time. Additionally, each weapon has a limited amount of ammunition. Once the gun is empty the player must drop the weapon before picking up a new one. The game also has a multi-player mode, which is separate from the single-player version.

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